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This Skincare Ingredient Is Making My Skin Glowy AF And I'm Here For It

Updated: May 28, 2019

If you know me, you know I am very low-maintenance when it comes to skincare. I don't even have a proper skincare routine. I literally just wash my face in the morning with whatever cleanser I have lying around and then put on whatever moisturizer I have lying around and as bad as it sounds, my night time routine is pretty much non-existent.

Despite everything mentioned above, a couple of months ago, I received a few comments on how good my skin has been looking. Trust me, the disbelief you are in, I was in it too. At first I ignored it and chalked it up to a good day, but after a few compliments I started paying attention and realized that my skin did look brighter and glowy. So, I started investigating and realized that all of the products I had been using whenever I got these compliments included vitamin C!

I had heard that vitamin C can help skin look healthy and glowy, so I knew that it had to be the reason behind my natural glow. I also started paying way more attention to the difference between when I used products with this ingredient in it versus when I didn't and surprisingly it did make a difference in how bright and healthy my skin looked.

Fast forward to present day, I may still not be as serious about my skincare as I should be, but I am VERY serious about trying to ensure whatever I do use has this magic ingredient in it!

Don't worry, I paid attention in kindergarten and know that sharing is caring, so I'll share the products I am currently using that have vitamin C in them along with others that are known to give you the same effects, happy glowing!


1. Fresh Beauty Vitamin Nectar Line

I have tried the glow powder (C$49/12 sachets), moisture glow face cream (C$55/50 ml) and antioxidant glow water face mist (C$54/250 ml / C$30/100 ml), all of which were amazing. All these products are available at Sephora, shop now.

Image Courtesy Fresh Beauty

2. Rodial Vit C Range

I tried the brightening cleanser (C$65/135 ml), brightening cleansing pads (C$56/50 pads), brightening mask (C$110/50 ml) and energising face mask (C$20/1 mask) from this range last year and fell in love. Recently, I learned that the range has been extended to include a face souffle (C$110/50 ml), eye souffle (C$99/15 ml), glow tonic (C$60/200 ml), vit C drops (C$89/31 ml) and spf 30 moisturizer (C$95/40 ml) which I am currently using and loving as well! All of these products are available at Murale, shop now.

Images Courtesy Rodial

3. The Inkey List, Vitamin C (C$12.99/30 ml)

This is a new skincare brand that I personally have not had the chance to try yet, but has amazing reviews and is VERY affordable (everything is under $15), so definitely worth a try. All their products are available at Shoppers Drug Mart, shop now.

Image Courtesy Shoppers Drug Mart

4. OleHenriksen, Truth Serum (C$61/30 ml / C$91/50 ml)

As mentioned earlier, I barely have a skincare routine, so while I do have this product I have only used it a handful of times, but the reviews on this are nothing, but positive! This is available at Sephora, shop now.

Image Courtesy OleHenriksen


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