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Modest Uniqlo [Mini] Haul

Every summer I struggle to find casual modest maxi dresses and summer wear that fit all my wants and needs.

I usually spend a lot of time searching my go to sites that I know offer modest styles looking for pieces that meet all my requirements. Sometimes I find something and sometimes I don't.

Uniqlo is not on my usual list of sites, but somehow this year I ended up there and I am so happy that I did.

I found so many pieces that I loved, were modest friendly and actually affordable. I had never ordered from Uniqlo before so I was unsure if the pieces would actually look the same in person and whether anything would even fit (their size guide is not the best). That being said, I liked the pieces too much to let that stop me, so I checked their return policy (which is awesome) and ordered away.

I got my order literally 2 days later and almost everything was actually too big for me, which I was surprised by because I had heard their sizes are on the smaller end. Their material and quality was impressive and the pieces did look as they did on screen with slight color variances.

So, I returned my first order and set out to place another one, this time with a much better idea of sizing and styles. While I wanted to order way too much, I'm doing this new thing where I only buy for the present, not the future. So, I bought some maxi dresses and a couple of summer tunics all of which I've already worn and gotten a ton of compliments on!

You can check out the pieces below, all of which are currently still available and on sale + my thoughts on them.

Also, if you didn't realize by now, Uniqlo has officially made my list of go to retailers for modest styles.

Hana Tajima Herringbone Long Sleeve Long Dress

When I first saw this dress on the Uniqlo site, I was overjoyed because as I mentioned earlier it is so hard for me to find casual modest dresses and this seemed like it checked off all the boxes for my ideal dress. It is:

  • Long enough with no slits (goes past my ankles, I'm 5'6 for reference)

  • Long sleeved (the arms seem to be too tight when you first get it, but as it's worn the fabric does stretch)

  • Casual and breathable fabric/style

  • Affordable (regular price is $49.90, but went on sale shortly after and is now $29.90)

  • Not see through

Sadly, while it checked off ALMOST all of them, it is slightly see through from the bottom half. Apart from that though, I love this dress - so much so that I bought it an all 3 colors!

Size: I wear a size large in this and it fits perfectly, I am usually x-large in dresses so size down slightly.

Hana Tajima Rayon Boat Neck Long Sleeve Tunic

I also fell in love with these tunics, but only ended up getting this one in black because as I mentioned before I am shopping for the present and not future. At the moment, I am wearing dresses much more, but as the seasons change I will probably be buying more (I'm already eyeing a lot of their fall stuff).

This tunic is long enough where it covers my behind and then some, the fabric is light and breathable, it's long sleeved, it's not see through and the shape and fit is amazing. However, just like the dress the arms feel too tight until worn and stretched out. I can't remember whether the regular price of this was $39.90 or $29.90, but it is now only $19.90!!

Size: I wear a size medium in this, but usually am a large or x-large so size down!

That concludes my haul, I told you it was mini haha. I know the struggle of finding cute modest wear all too well, so sharing for those in the same boat as me.

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